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We are proud to implement Genus Care’s ‘It’s my Life’ therapeutic model working in partnership with Studio 3. Each home has a dedicated highly skilled therapy co-ordinator who oversees all therapy sessions. The following information outlines the therapeutic services Seren Care provides;

The Safety, Stability, Repair & Resilience (SSRR) Model is implemented throughout all homes within Seren Care and focuses on both the needs of the young people and the staff who offer the support. The SSRR Model recognises that carers are the key agents to change and therefore training is compulsory for all Seren Care staff, to allow for the development of staff knowledge in areas such as trauma repair, attachment, positive relationships, wellbeing, identity, safety, resilience etc. This additional knowledge and development in support skills can then be applied by staff within the homes and throughout the day-to-day lives of young people providing a safe, nurturing environment able to meet individual needs with the potential to enhance personal growth. Training takes place over two days and is provided by Studio III Clinical Services. All staff attend to ensure consistency when implementing the model within the homes.

The ‘No force, no fear, no harm’ is a low arousal support programme for carers supporting complex and challenging young people. This programme works alongside the SSRR model and supports staff in recognising and understanding situations where young people may become challenging. The programme takes place over the course of three days and outlines modules which explore boundaries, challenging behaviours, reading situations accurately and appropriately, low arousal approaches, physical interventions and de-escalation techniques. Staff will need to have participated in the three day course provided by Studio III Clinical Services prior to supporting challenging young people to ensure they are equip with the skills needed to provide appropriate and essential safety for young people, themselves and others.

It’s My Life is an integrated therapeutic approach for young people with emotional and behavioural problems that places an emphasis on young people and trained staff developing a positive relationship and consistently working together. Each young person takes part in the It’s My Life programme – a psychotherapeutic programme based on person centred, cognitive behavioural and solution focused counselling approaches. The core programme consistently acknowledges the progress made by the young person. It’s My Life is run through weekly formal sessions run by individual members of staff covering over 30 different topic areas and ongoing and daily informal work by our trained staff under the supervision of a Therapy Co-ordinator and a qualified BACP Psychotherapist and Psychologist from Studio III Clinical Services. The It’s My Life approach has been developed by Studio III Clinical Services and Genus Care (an organisation that provides residential child care services for looked after children). Genus Care has given Seren Care permission to use the It’s My Life approach and utilise any additional resources available which can also be found on their website.

Every home within Seren Care will have a Therapy Co-ordinator who will review the It’s My Life work completed within the home on a monthly basis and communicate this regularly with Studio III Clinical Services, also discussing ideas for upcoming It’s My Life work and any behaviours of concern. The Therapy Co-ordinator will be the link between the homes and Studio III, communicating staff feedback in relation to young people behaviours, arrangement of additional assessments or any further therapy external to Seren Care. Some young people may be accessing therapy services external to Studio III, such as CAMHS & TAITH. The Therapy Co-ordinator will be the link between these services and the home, ensuring that therapeutic work is not repeated or interrupted within the home. The Therapy Co-ordinator will overlook all aspects of therapy work that is being conducted/to be conducted and will ensure that Personal Plans are updated regularly to include therapeutic work undergoing/upcoming and the young person’s wellbeing.

Studio III Clinical Services is a team of professionals (Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, associate, and assistant psychologists) who offer clinical guidance and support to Seren Care. Studio III Clinical Services attend monthly house meetings offering clinical input and meet with Therapy Co-ordinators regularly to discuss therapeutic work within the homes. Studio III Clinical Services provide a high standard of professional support through training and meetings and are immediately accessible if needed. Studio III can provide specific therapy (if this cannot be met by the staff team) and clinical assessments for young people at Seren Care if required.

All our homes are registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales, with all staff members registered with Social Care Wales on successful competition of their probation period.

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