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Supporting our children

Upon arrival our children will be given a warm Welsh welcome and are always greeted with a friendly face. We provide the highest level of care, ensuring we meet all their health, medical and educational needs as a priority. We promote positive family relationships and will go above and beyond to facilitate any contact arrangements approved by the placing authority. We always encourage and support children to have an input into the home and most importantly their life choices.

seren care education


For our children to reach their full potential we would ideally like for them to be in full time education. Where this is not possible, we are dedicated to working with the placing authority to develop a suitable alternative education provision. In the event that our children are unable to attend a mainstream education provision, we will arrange a private space within the home where a tutor can provide on-site education. We support all our children by providing transport to and from school, college or apprenticeships where necessary.

Same Day and Long-Term Placements

Placements are planned, as we believe this is the best way to implement a transition to a new home for the child. Although, we do understand this may not always be possible and we can accommodate emergency placements over a shorter period time if required.

seren care activities


We believe providing an array of stimulating activities can develop key skills and inspire our children. Staff and children alike have enjoyed paintballing, go karting, trips to adventure parks and participating in charity events to name a few. We encourage our homes to celebrate all occasions together, however small, from flipping pancakes, to dressing up for Comic Relief, to hosting our naughty elf, we are passionate about making lasting memories for our children.

Therapeutic Services

We are proud to implement Genus Care’s ‘It’s my Life’ therapeutic model working in partnership with Studio 3. Each home has a dedicated highly skilled therapy co-ordinator who oversees all therapy sessions. The following information outlines the therapeutic services Seren Care provides;

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seren care therapeutic services

All our homes are registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales, with all staff members registered with Social Care Wales on successful competition of their probation period.

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Our Homes

We pride ourselves in providing real homes, where our children can thrive in the best surroundings.

All our homes benefit from being closely situated to the beautiful Welsh countryside, featuring communal living areas, spacious bedrooms, outdoor spaces and an abundance of board games, football tables and games consoles.

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