Success Stories

Our Residents

‘Whilst living at Seren Care I feel safe and happy. I take part in lots of activities such as go karting, cinema and bowling. We have lots of parties on special occasions. We eat buffet food and play party games. So far I’ve had a good experience at the home. The staff are really friendly and approachable. I feel supported.’

17 year old male
‘The staff here do a good job, they are all nice. I like going out on the bikes and before lockdown, go karting was fun. After lockdown, I’m going to go to football again and staff are taking me to Harry Potter world. I like the parties we have here. I love to sing and I love all the party food, we have fun. I like all the food they make me in this home. They are all good cooks. I’m going to stay here until I’m 18.’

14 year old male

‘My aim on a daily basis is to help promote an atmosphere and platform whereby the young people in my care feel comfortable, listened to and given the confidence to express themselves.’

Team Leader

Our Team

‘Since working at Seren Care, I have enjoyed every moment. I have gained a lot of experience and am happy to come into work and feel supported by my team (extended family). Seren Care is a home from home place that I look forward to going to. The company poses my own values as a person, they are a company which shows compassion, respect, equality, hope and development to staff and the young people.’

Residential support worker
‘The child has been treated with respect and dignity throughout their time at Seren Care and they have been very effective with safeguarding and communicating in a multi-disciplinary way. They have never lost sight of the child as an individual and have promoted their independence fully where they have been able to. Staff have always been friendly, approachable and professional with myself and are fully active informing and progressing current and future plans for the child.’

Social worker from a local placing authority
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We are Seren Care

We believe in creating a caring and inspiring environment where people can thrive, grow and reach their full potential, now and for the future.

We provide a home where children feel safe, secure and receive consistent care in a homely environment.
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